Skarvik 2

The Skarvik 2 Terminal covers an area of 22 000 square metres and has 21 tanks, varying in size from 25 cbm to 3 000 cbm. The tanks are suitable for different special petroleum and chemical products. Within the terminal area there is also a factory building of 1 800 square metres, warehouse space of 1 900 square metres and a laboratory building of 400 square metres. The factory building is for production, blending and packaging of bulk liquid products. The warehouse space is used for the storage of drums and semi bulk storage.

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Fact Sheet

Area 10 800 square meters
Number of tanks 21 (25-3 000 cbm)
Products petroleum and chemical products
Factory 1 800 square meters
Warehouse 1 900 square meters
Draft 12.50 m
Length 247 m
Beam no restriction