If you during the years had business, or at least discussed potential business, with us at Nordic you have most likely met our business development representative Mr. Peter Hills. Peter has now decided to retire from Nordic and we would like to thank him for his loyal service and wish him all the very best in years to come.

Please direct any inquiries regarding your liquid bulk storage matters to me or the team at Nordic. We hold substantial storage capacity in the Nordic countries and we hope to be able to fulfill your needs, whether it’s for industrial, trading or compulsory storage.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any inquiries or operational matters, for full contact details please visit our website at or use the below.

Kind regards,
Nordic Storage AB
Örjan Hedlund
Phone: + 46 31 53 45 00
Mobile: +46 706 016694
Fax: + 46 31 53 45 08

As a part of the Company’s aspiration to be a good participant in society and to manage an HSSE-development that we can be proud of, Nordic Storage AB has decided to make a donation to support Swedish Sea Rescue Society’s purchase of equipment along with an environmental rescue barge for stationing in Norrkoping, which enables SSRS to more actively participate in the coastal and sea environmental rescue in the region in the event of serious accidents. The rescue barge will include floating oil booms to stop oil spreading, anchors and other appropriate equipment that is operated by SSRS's volunteer crew. 

With effect from April 2010, Nordic will reinforce its presence in Finland by establishing operations in Kanäs, just outside Nykarleby in Österbotten in Finland. The facility has a nominal capacity of 117,000 m3 and is intended for storage of middle distillates.

The company operates the following new locations:
Finland, port of Kemi - 26,700 cbm for clean product storage
Scotland, port of Campbeltown - 175,000 cbm for clean product storage
Germany, port of Rostock - 20,000 cbm for clean product storage

Nordic Storage is continuously searching for new storage locations and opportunities. We are always open for a fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

On the 6th November Nordic Storage’s annual quiz “The One Million Dollar Question” was initiated and this years quiz was about correctly prognosticating the settlement price of one barrel of ICE Brent on the 11th December 2008. There was a massive interest for the quiz and the submitted prices stretched from 33 USD up to 99 USD per barrel, which well reflected the volatile market situation. On the 11th December the settlement price of one barrel of ICE Brent however was 47.39 USD, and it was a close call right down to the end since two contenders namely, Mr. Ben Hagoort from the Netherlands and Mr. Nurasyl Jarbassov from Kazakhstan prognosticated a price of 48,00 USD per barrel. Mr. Ben Hagoort however submitted his competition entry prior to Mr. Nurasyl Jarbassov and was thereby in accordance with the rules of the competition declared as Winner and won two flight tickets and two nights stay in the Capital of Sweden, Stockholm. We congratulate Ben and wish him a pleasant stay in Stockholm.

Our website has been remodelled and given a more modern look with new features. One interesting feature is the new inquiry function. When pressing on the storage inquiry form, an inquiry form and a map become visible. By a simple click on the map you indicate at what location you require storage and thereafter an inquiry can be forwarded to us automatically.

This calendar not only gives a good overview of the coming year, but is very special in the sense that it has a number of Green Days, which means that if you call to Nordic this day and rent tankage, you will receive the first month free of charge. So, those of you who have received the 2008 calendar, should not forget to look at the Green Days every month, during the whole of the year.

We are currently on the search for more storage capacity, either in the form of acquiring existing terminals or constructing completely new terminals. If you need a reliable cooperation partner in any kind of terminal project, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Oil Storage Conference held in Monaco in September was a great success and gathered 70 participants and top decision makers from various parts of the oil industry. In the much appreciated oil price quiz it was a close call all the way up to the closing date of the quiz and given the dramatic price changes during the autumn, it was no easy task to guess the price of a barrel of ICE Brent Crude on the 15th November. However, Mr. Hans Abenius from Ektank AB managed to forecast a price of 87 USD per barrel, compared with the settlement price of 90.94 USD per barrel on the 15th November and thereby won a trip to Stockholm for two persons over a weekend with two nights at the Grand Hotel Stockholm overlooking the Royal Castle.

We must all work together to achieve a sensible use of the world’s scarce resources and when more and more consumers choose to replace petroleum products with different types of bio fuels, the demand for bio fuel storage naturally increases. Nordic Storage welcomes this development and has the ambition to offer the best possible storage solutions for bio fuels and during the last year has converted a number of tanks to provide storage for RME, Ethanol and Palm Oil.